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What Does a Chieftain Do?

A chieftain is a fancy title for someone in charge of an army, tribe or even a village. Chiefs have the audacious goal of making their area a success. This is aided by their subordinates, known as sub-chiefs. Sub-chiefs are sometimes advised by shamans. The name may be a bit more mundane in the real […]

How Metals Are Processed

Using the periodic table, one can understand that metals are substances that have high melting points, high boiling points and good conductivity of heat. These properties are associated with the fact that metal atoms have strong interactions. They are held together by an electrostatic force of attraction. As a result, metallic elements are often soft […]

Hornbach Baumarkt AG (HORNBACH) Stock Price Analysis

In Germany, the DIY retail industry is highly competitive, and competition has led to a fragmented industry. Customers are likely to choose the nearest store to their needs, making it difficult to create a coherent brand. However, in the last couple of years, the market has begun to consolidate, partly due to the bankruptcy of […]

Top 4 Unique Lights Deserve the Spotlight

Today I recommend 4 unique lights that deserve to be the focus. If you want a one-of-a-kind lamp, this article is enough. 01 Magellan/ Chandelier This luminaire is formally linked to the building while remaining visible as a separate object. Above all, the design intent was to create the potential for large volumes. Based on […]

How to design a beautiful living room?

The living room belongs to the central area of the home, and it is also a room for receiving guests. Generally, when guests come to the home to see the overall design and layout of the living room, they can know the style of the entire home decoration and the taste of the owner. The […]