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Types of Cone-Shaped Objects

Typically, a cone-shaped object is one that has a curved surface, circular base, and a pointed tip. The curved surface is usually a result of a flat base curved smoothly into a point called the apex. Cones are a type of geometric figure, and can be found in nature. Examples include the matryoshka doll and […]

Finding the Right Table Lamp for Your Business

Introduction Introduction:You may be looking for a new table lamp to brighten up your business space. But before you go out and buy one, it’s important to understand the different types of lamps available and what each one offers. Table lamps are a popular choice for businesses because they can add some personality and style […]

Office lighting decoration design considerations

Under normal circumstances, most office decoration designs now want to reflect the feeling of modernity, fashion and the pursuit of efficiency, and lighting plays a very important role in the process of office decoration design. The editor summarizes the factors that should be paid attention to when designing office lighting for your reference. Natural lighting […]