Tom Dixon’s Beat Pendant Light Collection Is Now Available in Brass

beat pendant

Originally inspired by traditional Indian water vessels, Tom Dixon’s beat pendant light collection is now available in brass. These stylish lamps feature a spun brass shade that reflects a warm, luminous light. They are made by renowned skilled craftsmen in Moradabad, India. They come in a variety of finishes, including glossy white, patinated black and brushed brass. The pendant lights are designed to complement any interior.

The beat light series consists of four shades. The widest is the Beat Light Stout, which features a thick round shade and a flat exterior. The light has a trippy, swanky billiard-inspired style that makes it perfect for clustering over a dining table. The light is also made of a high-tech LED illumination source, which is the perfect replacement for a conventional bulb. The pendant can be hung with a variety of options, including a circular pendant system, a linear pendant system, or a pair of symmetrical pendant systems. They are also compatible with sockets, so they can be used in residential applications.

The Beat Pendant is made from hand-spun brass and is available in a range of beautiful finishes. They have a smooth, matte finish and are made by North Indian artisans. The Beat light is a swanky item, with a gleaming gold interior and an elegantly curvaceous white lacquered outside. The Beat pendant has been deemed as one of the most impressive pieces of lighting in the Tom Dixon portfolio. They are the ideal way to add some interesting shapes to a room, and will make any space more aesthetically pleasing.

The beat pendant also happens to be the longest pendant in the series, and is the largest of the group. It is the perfect size to throw light on a desk, a treehouse-like study, or a pool table. The oh-so-famous Beat lights are a must-have, and have been featured in hotels, restaurants, and homes across the globe. Read more categories. They are also a good investment, as they are made of high-grade materials that will last a lifetime.

The beat light is also available in a small version. The Beat Fat is the medium sized ceiling light, and can be hung in a number of different configurations. It is made from hand-spun brass and has a warm golden interior, which is said to repurpose the sun’s rays to provide a soft, warm halo of illumination. The light can be hung from a 2.5m black cable, which is as long as you need. The lights can be placed as high as you want, and they are perfect for use in residential and commercial applications. They also prove that brass is still alive and well.

The Beat lights are a good choice for anyone looking for something with a swanky style and an integrated LED light source. The collection has been designed by Tom Dixon, who is known for his work in furniture, lighting, and design. You can find the Beat Pendants in a variety of luxurious finishes, including gloss white, brushed brass, and patinated black.