What Does a Chieftain Do?

A chieftain is a fancy title for someone in charge of an army, tribe or even a village. Chiefs have the audacious goal of making their area a success. This is aided by their subordinates, known as sub-chiefs. Sub-chiefs are sometimes advised by shamans.

The name may be a bit more mundane in the real world, but in fantasy it’s akin to a tycoon. Chiefs abound in various locales, from hozen tribes in the sands of time to the goblins of North America. One of the most famous chieftains is Grommash Hellscream, who was a reincarnation of the great Warsong of old. Fortunately for him, his predecessor, Durotan, was too much of a jack of all trades to be trusted.

Not everyone is as fortunate. Some are not afforded the opportunity to be the top dog in the land of elves. For those that are lucky enough to be chosen, the perks of the title come in the form of a fancy schmancy office. Moreover, a chief’s crest is only entitled to three eagle feathers. If one of those feathers falls into the wrong hands, there’s a cascade of unfortunate events. As with many things in life, the best laid plans often fall apart. Hence, the need for a second in command. In a typical scenario, it’s a revolving door. Read More Posts

One of the most important functions of a chieftain is to maintain order amongst the clan. He is the gatekeeper to the kingdom, if you will. It is also in his best interests to keep his men in line. That is, to keep them from straying from their prescribed diet and slacking off on the job. Another duty is to keep tabs on the younger generation. They are the future of the clan, as the old guard can be a handful.

A well-executed initiation rite of passage can be a great motivator for the new and improved. On the downside, a poorly executed one can be a disaster, especially when the leader of the pack is as naive as Garad.