Modern Style Adirondack Chairs

modern style adirondack chairs

In the right setting, adirondack chairs Neeena are the ultimate relaxing seat. These classic outdoor chairs have a sloped back and wide arm rests that are both sturdy and comfortable. They’re available in a wide range of colors and materials, from weather-resistant wood to fading-proof plastic. Some chairs have a built-in cup holder or other extra features for added comfort. Some even have a rocking or reclineing function.

The best modern style adirondack chairs are versatile and durable enough to withstand the elements and many seasons of lounging. Choose from a variety of materials, including weather-resistant acacia, plastic, and teak. Several of the chairs we found have an adjustable recline and a deep slant that takes pressure off your legs and back, making them easier to get in and out of.

Choosing an adirondack chair is all about finding the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. If you want a chair that stands out, try a more modern design with straight lines instead of the traditional curved ones. For a more coastal vibe, look for a chair in lighter colors or one that’s reminiscent of beachside furniture. There are also adirondack chairs with built-in cup holders, footrests, and tables to help you make the most of your porch or deck.

Most modern adirondack chairs are made from recycled plastic. The slats on these chairs are usually made from high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, which looks similar to wood up close but requires little to no maintenance. They’re naturally resistant to fading and waterproof, and they can easily be wiped clean.

You can find these chairs at a number of retailers, including L.L. Bean, which offers a version of the classic Westport chair for about the same price as other adirondack chairs we found. This model is slightly different than the other ones, with a flat front skirt and two back panels rather than three, but it’s still a stylish option that doesn’t require staining or painting.

If you prefer a more natural wood look, consider an adirondack chair from the West Elm Portside collection. This chair has a more rugged design than the original wooden Westport chair, but it’s still weather-resistant and splinter-free. It’s also a bit less expensive than some of the other modern adirondack chairs we tested.

Another option is this adirondack chair from DWR, which is priced about the same as other adirondacks we found. It’s also made from acacia wood, but it has a more refined design with a two-panel slatted back and comes in a handful of colors, including brights like lemon and lime. We like that this chair has both a rocking and reclining function, but note that shorter people may struggle to get a good rock going. This chair can be purchased alone or with a matching footrest and table. There are also two other chairs in this collection, both of which have a more simple two-panel back and come in a range of muted and summery hues.