Kitchen 18 – A Kitchen You’ll Love For a Lifetime

kitchen 18

A kitchen you’ll love for a lifetime.

Designed just for you. Built by artisans with a passion for quality. Try out different door style, color and material combinations. Advice and in-depth articles to help with your project. Attractive options from slab to Shaker to raised panels.

The Kitchen uselu hosts teach you essential entertaining tips, plus a few seasonal tricks that are sure to wow your guests. Sunny Anderson shows how to make a flavorful, budget-friendly dinner with her Easy Rice and Lamb Stuffed Peppers, while Jeff Mauro takes us through the steps of making classic Italian fare. Plus, learn how to cook smarter with this guide to a more efficient pantry that helps you plan your meals in advance.

Kitchen 18 owner Jordan Brumer says his goal is to keep the restaurant the same but with some small tweaks and a renewed focus on catering. He plans to bring back some non-meat items and boost the alcohol menu. And he’s trying to find ways to expand the business in the midst of a pandemic that has hit restaurants hard and forced many to close.

With a lower nickel content, 18/0 stainless steel is less resistant to corrosion than its sturdier counterpart. It’s still a good choice for flatware and other kitchen utensils, though it will deform when heated and should not be left over a fire for long periods of time. It’s also not suitable for marine-grade use, as it will quickly degrade in a salty environment. It’s not ideal for cutting-edge applications, either, as it’s more easily dented and will dull or chip more quickly than higher grades of stainless steel. Nevertheless, it’s a great general-purpose grade that can be used for most purposes.