Office lighting decoration design considerations

Under normal circumstances, most office decoration designs now want to reflect the feeling of modernity, fashion and the pursuit of efficiency, and lighting plays a very important role in the process of office decoration design. The editor summarizes the factors that should be paid attention to when designing office lighting for your reference.

Natural lighting is combined with artificial lighting. Because for the office, it is almost used during the day, and the two can be combined to form a comfortable lighting environment.

The lighting of the manager’s office should consider the illuminance of the writing desk, the illuminance of the reception space and the necessary electrical equipment.

Conference room lighting should consider the lighting above the conference table as the main lighting. Creates a sense of center and concentration. The illumination should be appropriate, and auxiliary lighting should be added around.

For the lighting of the stage area of ​​the auditorium, which is mainly used for assembly, the ceiling light can be used together with the auxiliary lighting installed in front of the stage, and the average vertical illuminance shall not be less than 300LX.

For spaces where it is difficult to determine the working position, two-way batwing light distribution lamps with large luminous area and low brightness can be selected.

Ideal office environment and ways to avoid light reflection.

Fluorescent lamps should be used for office lighting.

Adjacent surfaces for visual work and decorative expressions in the room should use matte decorative materials.

In office rooms with computer terminal equipment, images of people and things (such as lamps, furniture, windows, etc.) should be avoided on the screen.

The general lighting of the office should be designed on both sides of the work area. When using fluorescent lamps, the longitudinal axis of the lamps should be parallel to the horizontal line of sight. It is not advisable to arrange the lamps directly in front of the working position.

The selection of table lamps should not be made of colored glass diffused or decorative craft table lamps. Because the craft table lamp less considers the lighting function, and pays too much attention to the decorative effect. Here, a direct-light table lamp with a reflector and an opening at the bottom should be used, that is, a work table lamp or a writing table lamp. The light source of the table lamp is commonly used incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps.

The lighting in the study should not only consider the brightness, but also the color and characteristics of the shape to ensure that the study has an elegant environment.

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