Nordic style garden design with natural interest

Yellow natural vitality Nordic style garden garden is the most spiritual and natural space in home life, it will definitely make you feel the simple and natural life breath, let you quietly enjoy the natural freshness and green comfort in the afternoon sun . The simplicity of the simple-shaped coffee table, the simplicity and purity of the log chair, and the softness and comfort of the fabric throw pillow are all perfect combinations for you to enjoy life. Only in such a natural and childlike Nordic style garden can you enjoy the slightly mysterious naturalism of Nordic gardens. Let’s take a look at these perfect Nordic gardens.

Nordic style garden – yellow natural life garden

The combination of wooden coffee table and chairs makes the garden space primitive and natural. The antique tones seem to bring people into the simple and simple countryside garden, so that people can enjoy the fresh and natural original air in their own home after a day’s fatigue. The yellow background wall with bumpy texture is the characteristic of this Nordic style garden. The yellow tone highlights the elegant and chic style. The delicate green potted plants placed on the coffee table seem to bloom in the garden space like a small life. In such simple pleasures, one can feel the vitality of life.

Nordic style garden – spacious and bright outdoor garden

The round dining table and chairs in the comfortable and natural Nordic garden are surrounded by a wooden world, with wooden floors and wooden fences, as if it were a small wooden house in the woods, quietly waiting for the owner who returned from hunting. Peaceful. The whole open outdoor garden can clearly feel the simple and happy atmosphere from nature. The bare tree trunk in winter is quiet and tranquil, the budding green vitality in spring, the lush and dense green in summer, and the bleak feeling of dead leaves like yellow butterflies in autumn. The tired body and mind are well released here.

Nordic style garden – elegant, smart and comfortable garden

The main color of black and white is very distinctive in the Nordic style, and it is the same in the Nordic style garden. The natural features are fully displayed. The combination of soft and comfortable chairs and fabric leisure sofas makes the garden space more comfortable and natural, and expresses the owner’s elegant life taste to the extreme. The original textured wooden floor is natural and fresh, a perfect example of Scandinavian style home design, while the bright green in the garden gives the whole space a sense of movement. Sitting in such a garden, I believe you will slow down and enjoy the relaxing moment quietly.

Nordic style garden – the log color and simple color garden

The tones of log color fill the entire garden space, giving everything in the garden a quaint and original atmosphere. The wood dining table and chairs complement the wood color of the wall, and with the green plants in the garden, the simple and natural atmosphere is vividly expressed. Although the garden space is relatively small, the ductility of the space is greatly increased through reasonable layout and placement of green plants. In many Nordic style garden renderings, you can feel the fresh and natural atmosphere brought by the log material. It is also very enjoyable to invite three or two friends to sit in the garden for a day.

In home decoration design, Nordic style is a design style that modern people prefer, and gardens are indispensable for modern people to enjoy natural life and abandon the complex urban life. After appreciating these Nordic-style gardens, have you ever felt the pure and fresh and natural atmosphere from northern Europe?

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