Chair Vs Standard Height Toilet

chair vs standard height toilet

Whether you are planning to replace your toilet or looking for a new one, the first thing you need to consider is the height of the commode. There are two main types of toilets available, standard and chair. Choosing the right model depends on your needs and budget.

Standard toilets are ideal for those who are short or average-size. However, they might be hard to use for tall individuals. They are also less versatile than Chair toilets.

Chair toilets are a great option for elderly people or those who have mobility issues. The seat is typically 17 inches high, but it can go as high as 19 inches in ADA-compliant versions. This is ideal for the physically disabled and those with arthritis. In addition, they are more comfortable for taller individuals.

Standard toilets are ideal for children and adults who are short or average-size. These models are also more convenient for everyday living. While they are less expensive than Chair toilets, they are not as versatile. Some families find that it is difficult for smaller children to use a Standard toilet. Similarly, they may find it uncomfortable to stand from a low seat.

Comfort height toilets, which are also referred to as ADA-compliant toilets, are similar to Standard toilets. But they are more ADA-compliant. It is essential to purchase a model with a height of at least 17 inches in order to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

When considering a new toilet for your home, it is important to choose a model that is compatible with your family’s needs. You may not want to buy a model that is too low or too high, so make sure that you sit on the model before making your decision.

Both types of toilets have advantages and disadvantages. One of the most obvious advantages of comfort height toilets is that they are easier to use for people with mobility difficulties. Another advantage is that it is easier to get in and out of the toilet. Those with knee, hip, or back problems will find comfort height toilets more comfortable.

Having a low or inclining toilet can also cause problems for those with hemorrhoids. If you have difficulty standing up from a chair, you can try using a step stool. Alternatively, you can support your feet with books or phone books.

Although standard and chair toilets are both acceptable, they differ in their construction, cost, and maintenance. A good rule of thumb is to opt for a model that is at least 15 inches in height, which is the average standard height.

On the other hand, Chair toilets are more popular. Many families have adopted the design over the years. For example, Kohler CO, an American toilet manufacturer, is known for top-notch products. As such, they often produce large quantities of Chair toilets. Because of their popularity, it is important to check out the variety of Chair toilets that are available.